Ambassador John Bolton
Ambassador John Bolton

The 2015 edition of CPAC is upon us and speakers are beginning to be announced. As a veteran of more than 20 CPAC conferences, this is the big year as every single Republican and conservative candidate will be there. If they aren’t asked to speak, they will make their rounds of the parties and make certain to shake many hands.

We at the North Carolina Beagle Watchdog, will be bringing you the action from the main ballroom, as well as from strategic breakout sessions. If you cannot make it, we will be certain to have updates for you here.

This blog is an update of Katy’s Conservative Corner, the first conservative blog in North Carolina, and it appeared on two other platforms before setting down on WordPress. This time, it’s being co-written by other bloggers.

Speakers Currently Announced:

John R. Bolton – Attorney, diplomat, Fox News contributor and former Ambassador to the UN. Currently with American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

Mark Levin – Radio Talk Show Host

Carly Fiorina – Former CEO of HP and who is rumored to be floating the idea of a presidential run in 2016.

Rand Paul – United States Senator (KY-R) and a favorite of those in the libertarian wing of the Republican Party and is said to be running for President.

Dr. Ben Carson retired Pediatric Neurosurgeon and rumored candidate for President.  Popular among social conservatives.

Ted Cruise United States Senator (TX-R) and popular amongst traditional conservatives (social and fiscal).

Laura Ingraham – Talk show host and frequent Fox News contributor

SC Senator Tim Scott
SC Senator Tim Scott

Tim Scott – United States Senator (SC-R) from our neighboring state to the south, lots of fun to be around, firebrand traditional conservative, and a favorite of mine.  Should run for president but probably doesn’t have the name ID.  Scott spoke to the NCGOP convention a few years back, in Wilmington, while a Member of the U.S. House.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-R) Popular speaker from my home state of Tennessee.  She is  especially well-liked among women’s organizations.

Rick Santorum – United Stated Senator (PA-R) and founder of Patriot Voices. Grassroots oriented.

Click on the name of the speaker for detailed information about him or her.  Watchdog’s opinions are presented here.  More information speakers can be found here.

Looking forward to this event-of-the-year.   Hope to see you there, but if not, we will bring it all to you.

CPAC will be held February 25-28, 2015.  Registration is open until February 11, and after that, you may pay at the door.  For full details and to register, click here.