This is a watchdog site where we sniff out the political news that impacts the Ole North state both locally and nationally.

Site History:

Written largely by Katy Benningfield, this site was developed out of the long-running Katy’s Conservative Corner , very first conservative blog about North Carolina politics.   We felt that blog had run its course and wanted to do something a little different.

As a 35-year conservative activist, Benningfield admires and is active with the Franklin Center.  When searching through their sites, she came upon the Tennessee Watchdog.  Originally from Tennessee, Benningfield reads this blog regularly.

At the time of this site’s development, The Tennessee Watchdog featured a Blue Tick Coon Hound. That breed happens to be the mascot of the University of Tennessee, a school Benningfield nearly attended.

The lightbulb went on.  As a long-time beagle owner, she decided that her site would also feature a canine and The North Carolina Beagle Conservative Watchdog was born.

What our site is about:

The site is not about beagles, but about reporting on political activities in the ‘ole North State.  The beagle is our mascot as they always have their noses to the ground and their tails happily in the air.  We strive to be like the beagle, keeping our nose to the ground.

Interested in writing for us?

If you live in North Carolina and would like to write for “The Beagle“, please contact us.

During primary season, parties can often develop rifts and we like to hear from all sides, no matter what side owners Rob and Katy Benningfield support.  We ask that most pieces be no longer than 400 words and that they are original reporting, not a copy and paste from someone else’s blog.

If you don’t feel comfortable about writing for a public website, write it as you would say it to someone you are trying to convince.  Don’t worry about proper grammar, etc.  We can edit and clean it up for you, while maintaining the integrity of your piece.  We can give you our e-mail address if you are serious and we appreciate all submissions.

Link to our site – get on the Beagleroll

If you are a blogger or run a conservative or Republican site in NC or nationally, and wish to swap links, please contact us.  We love to add to our Beagle Roll.  We could all use more readers.


Currently, we are developing an original podcast about North Carolina politics and general hot button issues.  Look for this coming soon!  We are excited about this new venture!

Benningfield Digital Media:

The North Carolina Beagle Conservative Watchdog is a part of Benningfield Digital Media.  Other parts of this venture include two online radio stations, which consume much of our time!  We constantly upgrade our technology.

Listening to the stations are free, have downloadable mobile apps, and all we ask is that you visit our sponsors.  We gladly accept donations the help keep web casters like us going.   Contact us  if you are interested in sponsoring any of these sites.

WAVE Digital Broadcasting:

Carolina Beach music, oldies, and rare shagging songs you haven’t heard in a long time.  Look for the classic Beach Music bands, like the Chairmen of the Board, The Embers, The Catalinas, and the Band of Oz.  We play new favorites and gladly accept submissions to our station.  Check us out at http://WAVE-DB.com  24/7


WKKM Digital Broadcasting;

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We gladly accept submissions as we are constantly updating our playlists. We also appreciate donations to help keep our sites going strong.


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