Dale Folwell on Unemployment Taxes

Dale Folwell
Dale Folwell

Former Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Dale Folwell, went on the record about his views on Unemployment Taxes.  Folwell was interviewed on December 15th by popular Lt. Governor Dan Forest (R-NC).   He’s a candidate for North Carolina Treasurer.

Read more about Folwell in the Raleigh News and Observer and watch the video below.  He is a former Speaker Pro Tempore in the North Carolina House of Representatives and served four terms.  The Republican is married and resides in Winston-Salem.  (More to come on this important race.)


NCGOP Happy With Campaign Filings

ncgop_logo_reddf7691763d7dLeaders at the North Carolina Republican Party appeared thrilled with the slate of candidates they are proposing in 2016.   In this election cycle, they say:

“The NCGOP has filled all the 2016 Council of State and Appeals Court races, while contesting 44 races in the State Senate (up from 41 in 2014), compared to just 38 for the Democrats. The NCGOP will also have candidates running in 90 House races.”

The party stated that “the impressive slate of candidates across the state to continue the record of economic success and oppose the Obama-Clinton-Cooper agenda.”

Hassan-gives-rousing-speech-980x1024Republican leadership has helped create more than 230,000 jobs, implemented historic tax reform and is making North Carolina a top state for both business and employment. It’s no wonder there’s a draw for more Republican leadership in North Carolina,” said NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett.  (left)

“We are already hard at work with Republican candidates in 2016, like Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who could become the first Republican in North Carolina’s history  re-elected to the post.

“We’re hitting the ground running to elect Republicans in 2016”.

Santorum Excites Social Conservatives at CLC

Rick Santorium urges conservatives to speak out about morality and not to be afraid to be a social conservative.   Photo: K. Benningfield
Rick Santorum urges conservatives to speak out about morality and not to be afraid to be a social conservative. Photo: K. Benningfield

Friday morning at the Conservative Leadership Conference, presidential candidate Rick Santorum focused on how the Republican Party (RNC) can improve in 2016.

Santorum said that on the Tuesday of the 2012 Republican National Convention, the focus was on businesses.   Speaker after speaker, he said, spoke about how they had built their own businesses without help from Obama. It was fantastic he added, “but what about the working person”.  The person who works for small businesses that were built without help from the government.

Santorum said there was “not one single worker” that appeared on stage and that the RNC missed an opportunity to appeal to the members of the working class…those who are helped by business being created.

“We must tell people what we support and what we have done to help the working class.  Often they don’t hear our message,” due to the drone of unions and the Democratic Party.  We must tell them how conservative ideas and action make them better off.

He went on to say that “we must tell people what we have done.”

We need to discuss, he added, the how “government has caused the breakdown of the American Family”.

An example he used was bowling.  “Americans used to bowl.  They took their families to the bowling alley or they joined leagues with other married couples.”

Today, everyone wants to sit at home and communicate with the world on their laptops.   People aren’t joiners anymore.  We are spearated from one another.  People need other people.

He mentioned his latest book, It Takes A Family.  Santorium believes kids need families, rather than villages, he said without invoking the name of the woman who came up with the cliche “it takes a village”.

Recently at CPAC, a moderate attendee asked him, if Santorum “was he too religious to be elected president.”

Later that week, he appeared to a packed house of 2,000 at Yale University.  The students came “armed”.  Santorum made his speech, than spent an hour and a half answering their questions.

The Yale students told him that they had never even heard of such conservative ideas.

The candidate continued speaking on marriage and family.  “The role that the government has played in our lives has lead to the decline of the family.”

He urged the CLC audience to “stop self-censoring”.

“Don’t be afraid to talk about social issues, as well as fiscal issues during the next campaign.  We are too afraid to push our morality to give every child a chance.

He appreciates Governors Sam Brownback and Mike Pence.  Santorum likes how they restored vocational education to high schools to help students who want to work in those areas.  Those two states have successful graduates of those programs.

The candidate closed by urging all conservatives to get out and spread the message, especially about morality.

 Editor’s Note:  I was at that 2012 Republican Convention and it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a political event.  I covered it on my former blog, Katy’s Conservative Corner.   The RNC did a great job   but there are always room for improvements.

I look forward to covering the the next RNC convention..

NC GOP Chairman Stepping Down

NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope Photo: Katy Benningfield
NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope Photo: Katy Benningfield

Claude Pope, chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party since 2013, has decided not to run again for that office.  His term will end in June of this year.

As party chairman, Pope oversaw a GOP sweep in 2014. The North Carolina House and Senate remained in Republican hands and he played a large role in helping retire former U.S. Senator Kay Hagan.

Pope has been an inspiration to me. When I first met him, he was a young man raising a family. He left party service to “be there” for his family, as well as his growing business.

I got to know Pope best as Wake County GOP Chairman. Despite some factional internal politics, he made certain that every board member got a chance to have their say.

Later, I told him that I needed to play a lesser role in county and state politics after the birth of my son. He strongly encouraged me to do just that, despite the pull I felt and the saddness I felt towards a long break from party activities.

It was the best decision I ever made and I appreciate his experience and  guidance.

In an e-mail to party activists and the media, he explained that he wants to return to his home on Bald Head Island, play more golf, and continue running his small business there.

Todd Poole, executive director for the NCGOP said:

“I want to thank Chairman Pope for his outstanding service to the North Carolina Republican Party. Under his leadership, the Republican Party has secured key victories, including electing Thom Tillis to the U.S. Senate, sending an additional member to the U.S. House of Representatives and maintaining our super majorities in both the N.C. House and Senate. He will also be leaving the Republican Party in a strong financial position to have another successful election cycle in 2016.”

According to the Raleigh News and Observer, within hours of the Pope announcement, a candidate had announced his intentions to run for State Party Chairman.

Craig Collins currently serves as the party’s 10th Congressional District chairman. His announcement cites endorsements from a host of GOP leaders: Gov. Pat McCrory, House Speaker Tim Moore, Senate leader Phil Berger and Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis.”

More on other candidates as the race for chairman shakes out.


More Bad News for Roy Cooper says NCGOP

Attorney General Roy Cooper has long planned to run for Governor in NC
Attorney General Roy Cooper has long planned to run for Governor in NC

The  North Carolina Republican Party said Thursday,  they have uncovered more bad news for conservatives regarding Roy Cooper.  

Chairman Claude Pope, Jr wrote:

“Last week, our part-time Attorney General Roy Cooper sent out another fundraising pitch and questionnaire, this time asking people to ‘pick 3-4 issues that are most important to you’ as the General Assembly reconvenes. What’s really telling are the issues he doesn’t mention – like veterans, law enforcement, transportation infrastructure, taxes and spending, and the number one issue facing North Carolina – jobs and the economy.”

The Beagle visited the probable Democratic nominee’s site and found the following choices:

Not one of them mentioned the economy without regarding spending more taxpayer money.

  • “Transparency in campaign finance law” is code speak for government regulations and government financing of elections.  The Beagle believes we need to stay as far away from that as possible.
  • “Protecting and improving access to healthcare” is code speak for Cooper’s support of Obama Care.
  • Social conservatives will not like “protecting women’s health care choices.”  That’s his way of saying “Do you support abortion rights?”

Liberals just don’t understand that most conservatives are middle-class Americans, because they work hard for what they have.  “Millionaires” as they call anyone who earns over $250k, own companies that provide jobs to Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and unaffiliated voters.

Chairman Pope added:

“The Attorney General Should be embarrassed over this liberal-based questionnaire.”  He added that Cooper is getting his talking points from President Obama, Harry Reid and other liberals in Washington.

What do you think?  Weigh in and share your opinions..