Santorum Excites Social Conservatives at CLC

Rick Santorium urges conservatives to speak out about morality and not to be afraid to be a social conservative.   Photo: K. Benningfield
Rick Santorum urges conservatives to speak out about morality and not to be afraid to be a social conservative. Photo: K. Benningfield

Friday morning at the Conservative Leadership Conference, presidential candidate Rick Santorum focused on how the Republican Party (RNC) can improve in 2016.

Santorum said that on the Tuesday of the 2012 Republican National Convention, the focus was on businesses.   Speaker after speaker, he said, spoke about how they had built their own businesses without help from Obama. It was fantastic he added, “but what about the working person”.  The person who works for small businesses that were built without help from the government.

Santorum said there was “not one single worker” that appeared on stage and that the RNC missed an opportunity to appeal to the members of the working class…those who are helped by business being created.

“We must tell people what we support and what we have done to help the working class.  Often they don’t hear our message,” due to the drone of unions and the Democratic Party.  We must tell them how conservative ideas and action make them better off.

He went on to say that “we must tell people what we have done.”

We need to discuss, he added, the how “government has caused the breakdown of the American Family”.

An example he used was bowling.  “Americans used to bowl.  They took their families to the bowling alley or they joined leagues with other married couples.”

Today, everyone wants to sit at home and communicate with the world on their laptops.   People aren’t joiners anymore.  We are spearated from one another.  People need other people.

He mentioned his latest book, It Takes A Family.  Santorium believes kids need families, rather than villages, he said without invoking the name of the woman who came up with the cliche “it takes a village”.

Recently at CPAC, a moderate attendee asked him, if Santorum “was he too religious to be elected president.”

Later that week, he appeared to a packed house of 2,000 at Yale University.  The students came “armed”.  Santorum made his speech, than spent an hour and a half answering their questions.

The Yale students told him that they had never even heard of such conservative ideas.

The candidate continued speaking on marriage and family.  “The role that the government has played in our lives has lead to the decline of the family.”

He urged the CLC audience to “stop self-censoring”.

“Don’t be afraid to talk about social issues, as well as fiscal issues during the next campaign.  We are too afraid to push our morality to give every child a chance.

He appreciates Governors Sam Brownback and Mike Pence.  Santorum likes how they restored vocational education to high schools to help students who want to work in those areas.  Those two states have successful graduates of those programs.

The candidate closed by urging all conservatives to get out and spread the message, especially about morality.

 Editor’s Note:  I was at that 2012 Republican Convention and it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a political event.  I covered it on my former blog, Katy’s Conservative Corner.   The RNC did a great job   but there are always room for improvements.

I look forward to covering the the next RNC convention..

Conservative Leadership Conference Starts Strong

CLC has started off strong.  Photo: K. Benningfield

If you live in North Carolina and enjoy seeing the best conservative speakers, the Conservative Leadership Conference is the place to be.

Presidential Candidate, Rick Santorium and South Carolina Atty Gen. Alan Wilson gave rousing talks  Photo: K Benningfield
Presidential Candidate, Rick Santorium and South Carolina Atty Gen. Alan Wilson gave rousing talks Photo: K Benningfield

The 10th annual gathering, sponored by the Civitas Institute sold out, so it’s too late to attend this year.

There is so much press here that there was no room for the NC Beagle Watchdog‘s television camera.  Plus the Friday morning session, was packed.

With speakers such as presidential candidate Rick Santorum, state director of Americans for Prosperity Donald Bryson, NC Lt. Governor Dan Forest, and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.

We’ll have more on each speaker in our next post.

Outside the conference is where much of the action is.  I’ve run into people working for candidates Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.  I’ve watched live shots on Time Warner Channel 14 and seen many old friends, while meeting a lot of new people.  I’m thrilled to have these new people in our movement.

Tammy Fitzgerald
Tammy Fitzgerald

Also good to hear were social conservatives.  Tammy Fitzgerald, state director of the NC Values Coalition met with officials and was a large presence.

Others weren’t afraid to talk about how government has ruined the family by legalizing gay marriage, allowed gender confusion to continue, and by allowing abortions late into a pregnancy.

I even ran into my old pal,political columnist,  John Fund   Good to have here also is probably the world’s nicest person, Don Irvine.  Don is the runs Accuracy in Media and it’s great to have him down from the DC area.

Meanwhile, I’d like to personally thank the Civitas Institute’s Director of Technology and Outreach, Bill Gilbert, and Communications Director Jim Tynen  for all of their help.

Additionally, I appreciate the help of two special volunteers and I regret I didn’t get their names.  Kudos to these young men who are hardworking high school students and the future of our movement!

More to come….

Not All Republicans Are Conservative Says Heritage Action For America

Heritage Action for America is the Grassroots arm of the Heritage Foundation
Heritage Action for America is the Grassroots arm of the Heritage Foundation

During my thirty cumulative years being active in GOP politics, I’ve always known that not all Republicans are conservative.  There have been the liberal Rockefeller Republicans, for example, that conservatives like Phyllis Schlafly fought in the 60s and 70s.  Those liberal Republicans have been supplanted by the libertarian Republicans.  We conservatives have resorted to calling ourselves “true conservatives” to distinguish ourselves.

Most “libertarian” Republicans who consider themselves conservative.  I’m speaking of true conservatives.  The libertarians in our party are trying to control our party and do so in many states.

A true conservative is a social/religious and fiscal conservative.  The others are just libertarians who only support abortion, 2nd amendment issues, and perhaps school choice.

A true conservative  supports the party platform on social issues, in addition to the  fiscal.  In short, fiscally, we that we believe in government, but only necessary government.  We oppose the vast expansions of the Obama administration.

For example, currently up for consideration is a four-year extension of Amtrak.  The bill promises rehabilitation to some parts of Amtrak’s food and beverage service.  But, that would only be in five years, one year after the current bill expires.  Practically, that overhaul would never occur because Amtrak would not have any incentive to begin work on it to retain its Federal subsidy.

I have used and enjoyed Amtrak and have ridden it from my home in Raleigh to Washington, DC many times.  It’s a good deal….too good of a deal. This for-profit corporation that has gotten many millions in government subsidies over the years.  Please call your Representative and ask him or her to vote no on the Amtrak funding extension.

According to the Heritage Action For America,  most Republicans currently serving in Congress (House and Senate) nationally, only support tweaking programs, not deleting, replacing or overhauling them completely.  These people must find new jobs in their districts and cease to serve in the House and Senate.


1.  My Member of Congress, Rep. George Holding (NC-13) is considered by many to be a conservative.  But after checking Heritage Action’s scoring, he’s only 79 percent with us!

He, and the others like him, need to be educated about issues of concern to true conservatives.  We don’t need to berate him on social media.  Please stand with us and encourage him not to support the House GOP leadership.  We need real reform, not tweaks.

2.  The libertarian Republicans are simply trying to steal the moniker “conservative” from those in which it truly belongs.  We true conservatives can work with the libertarian Republicans on many issues, such as certain fiscal issues..

NC Americans for Prosperity Announces Legislative Agenda

AFP-NC is promoting their 2015 Legislative Agenda
AFP-NC is promoting their 2015 Legislative Agenda

Thursday, the day after the opening of the North Carolina General Assembly, the North Carolina Chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFPNC) announced their priorities for the session.

They are:

  • Passage of a repeal of North Carolina’s Renewable Portfolio Standard;
  • Passage of legislation seeking to push back and limit the EPA’s overreach of power into North Carolina’s electrical grid;
  • Patient-centered health care reform through reform of the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) laws and Right to Try legislation;
  • Defeat of any legislation seeking to expand Medicaid;
  • Medicaid reforms that will prevent the risk of cost overruns by state government;
  • Continuing the path of comprehensive tax reform by reducing the tax burden on North Carolinians and eliminating corporate welfare;
  • Repeal or reform of the state’s capital gains tax;
  • Passage of legislative spending limits that could include a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR);
  • Increasing educational freedom for North Carolina families by expanding the Opportunity Scholarship Program and removing barriers to entry for charter schools;
  • Eliminating barriers to entry for small businesses by reforming North Carolina’s occupational licensure laws; and
  • In general, greatly reducing the regulatory burden on businesses and citizens.

This legislative agenda is being promoted in conjunction with the national AFP’s Reform America 2015.

State director Donald Bryson stated that AFPNC works year round to advocate for good policy, not just during election cycles.

AFPNC uses six region field directors in North Carolina to drum up support for its legislative agenda and then has citizens make their views known to their members.  This grassroots effort is something AFP has been successful with since its founding.  AFPNC has also done well with its national agenda, following the lead of the American’s for Prosperity.


The group has been so successful that it drew the attention of President Obama.

In a speech at a Democratic finance event in 2009, President Obama insulted the members of AFP thusly:

Right now all around this country there are groups with harmless-sounding names like Americans for Prosperity, who are running millions of dollars of ads against Democratic candidates all across the country.  And they don’t have to say who exactly the Americans for Prosperity are.  You don’t know if it’s a foreign-controlled corporation.  You don’t know if it’s a big oil company, or a big bank.  You don’t know if it’s a insurance company that wants to see some of the provisions in health reform repealed because it’s good for their bottom line, even if it’s not good for the American people.

Later in the speech, the Obama added:

They don’t want you to know who the Americans for Prosperity are, because they’re thinking about the next election.  But we’ve got to think about future generations.  We’ve got to make sure that we’re fighting for reform.  We’ve got to make sure that we don’t have a corporate takeover of our democracy.

At every national event, the group runs this video to great cheers.

AFP, with its sound fiscal policy ideals, is working for the future.  Just not in the way Obama imagines it.

If you get a call from AFPNC to volunteer or to contact your legislator, please do!  It’s our future to lose.



Ambassador John Bolton
Ambassador John Bolton

The 2015 edition of CPAC is upon us and speakers are beginning to be announced. As a veteran of more than 20 CPAC conferences, this is the big year as every single Republican and conservative candidate will be there. If they aren’t asked to speak, they will make their rounds of the parties and make certain to shake many hands.

We at the North Carolina Beagle Watchdog, will be bringing you the action from the main ballroom, as well as from strategic breakout sessions. If you cannot make it, we will be certain to have updates for you here.

This blog is an update of Katy’s Conservative Corner, the first conservative blog in North Carolina, and it appeared on two other platforms before setting down on WordPress. This time, it’s being co-written by other bloggers.

Speakers Currently Announced:

John R. Bolton – Attorney, diplomat, Fox News contributor and former Ambassador to the UN. Currently with American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

Mark Levin – Radio Talk Show Host

Carly Fiorina – Former CEO of HP and who is rumored to be floating the idea of a presidential run in 2016.

Rand Paul – United States Senator (KY-R) and a favorite of those in the libertarian wing of the Republican Party and is said to be running for President.

Dr. Ben Carson retired Pediatric Neurosurgeon and rumored candidate for President.  Popular among social conservatives.

Ted Cruise United States Senator (TX-R) and popular amongst traditional conservatives (social and fiscal).

Laura Ingraham – Talk show host and frequent Fox News contributor

SC Senator Tim Scott
SC Senator Tim Scott

Tim Scott – United States Senator (SC-R) from our neighboring state to the south, lots of fun to be around, firebrand traditional conservative, and a favorite of mine.  Should run for president but probably doesn’t have the name ID.  Scott spoke to the NCGOP convention a few years back, in Wilmington, while a Member of the U.S. House.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-R) Popular speaker from my home state of Tennessee.  She is  especially well-liked among women’s organizations.

Rick Santorum – United Stated Senator (PA-R) and founder of Patriot Voices. Grassroots oriented.

Click on the name of the speaker for detailed information about him or her.  Watchdog’s opinions are presented here.  More information speakers can be found here.

Looking forward to this event-of-the-year.   Hope to see you there, but if not, we will bring it all to you.

CPAC will be held February 25-28, 2015.  Registration is open until February 11, and after that, you may pay at the door.  For full details and to register, click here.





CPAC Memories

CPAC is coming!
CPAC is coming!

As a blogger and earlier as an attendee, I’ve been to many editions of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).    These are videos that I’ve taken in recent years to give you a nice reminder of how much fun the conference is.

I hope to attend, but don’t have my ducks in a row just yet.  (I’ve been too busy getting my new business off the ground and it just hit me today.)

Join me in jumping in the wayback machine and remember the days with these videos:

2010 Phyllis Schafly Discuss how conservatives defeated the moderate “RINOs” and her suggestions for the future of the conservative movement

In 2011, someone appeared dressed as Sarah Palin, and doing a pretty darn good job of it.  Her fans were not happy but at first, people followed her around like she was the real thing:



Also in 2011, I caught up with Herman Cain at a CPAC Party and asked him about his position on jobs. This originally appeared on my former blog, Katy’s Conservative Corner.



In 2012, Rick Perry visited the Blogger Room yet said he had too much going on in Texas to run for the Presidency:



The late Andrew Breitbart discussed his participation in “Occupy Unmasked” with Citizens United and gave kudos to the right-wing media:



Here’s the entire Breitbart Presentation shot by another blogger with a tripod:



Wow, I need to get back to CPAC and I hope you attend, too!.

It’s Beagle Time!

beagle-white-face Hi and welcome to North Carolina Beagle, a conservative watchdog blog.

I’m Katy, the founder and main writer and I plan on continuing much of the work I did while writing Katy’s Conservative Corner (KCC). For the better part of 16 years, that was my baby and I was the first statewide blogger in North Carolina.  Fellow activist, Frank Williams, had started NC Republican Roundtable, but it wasn’t quite a blog and it wasn’t quite statewide.  But thanks to him, I got the idea and the blog took off.

Today, there are many imitators and there are a few excellent blogs.  There are also groups that have moved in to fill the niche.  I appreciate the NC Civitas Institute, NC Americans for Prosperity, the John Locke Foundation and others for doing the heavy lifting (research) and sharing it with we bloggers and activists.

After a two-year hiatus, it was time to make a return.  I also felt it was time for a name and look change and I enlisted Michael Savage and his company, Red Metal Box.

They did a fantastic job for a great price! I highly recommend them as I’ve used him on several other sites that I currently run or have run.

I make no money on this blog and probably never will.  It will be nothing but expenditures, so at times, I’ll have to curtail my travel when financial circumstances call for it.

ncgop_logo_reddf7691763d7dI hated missing this weekend’s NC Republican Party convention.  It’s usually a must-attend and for personal reasons, I couldn’t go.  But, wait until next year…

I’m also a regular at CPAC and at the Americans for Prosperity events, both statewide and nationally.  I’m also active in Smart Girl Politics.

As a proud mom, wife, and beagle owner, I’m excited to be here again.  I’m also a DJ so I  keep busy.

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