Not All Republicans Are Conservative Says Heritage Action For America

Heritage Action for America is the Grassroots arm of the Heritage Foundation
Heritage Action for America is the Grassroots arm of the Heritage Foundation

During my thirty cumulative years being active in GOP politics, I’ve always known that not all Republicans are conservative.  There have been the liberal Rockefeller Republicans, for example, that conservatives like Phyllis Schlafly fought in the 60s and 70s.  Those liberal Republicans have been supplanted by the libertarian Republicans.  We conservatives have resorted to calling ourselves “true conservatives” to distinguish ourselves.

Most “libertarian” Republicans who consider themselves conservative.  I’m speaking of true conservatives.  The libertarians in our party are trying to control our party and do so in many states.

A true conservative is a social/religious and fiscal conservative.  The others are just libertarians who only support abortion, 2nd amendment issues, and perhaps school choice.

A true conservative  supports the party platform on social issues, in addition to the  fiscal.  In short, fiscally, we that we believe in government, but only necessary government.  We oppose the vast expansions of the Obama administration.

For example, currently up for consideration is a four-year extension of Amtrak.  The bill promises rehabilitation to some parts of Amtrak’s food and beverage service.  But, that would only be in five years, one year after the current bill expires.  Practically, that overhaul would never occur because Amtrak would not have any incentive to begin work on it to retain its Federal subsidy.

I have used and enjoyed Amtrak and have ridden it from my home in Raleigh to Washington, DC many times.  It’s a good deal….too good of a deal. This for-profit corporation that has gotten many millions in government subsidies over the years.  Please call your Representative and ask him or her to vote no on the Amtrak funding extension.

According to the Heritage Action For America,  most Republicans currently serving in Congress (House and Senate) nationally, only support tweaking programs, not deleting, replacing or overhauling them completely.  These people must find new jobs in their districts and cease to serve in the House and Senate.


1.  My Member of Congress, Rep. George Holding (NC-13) is considered by many to be a conservative.  But after checking Heritage Action’s scoring, he’s only 79 percent with us!

He, and the others like him, need to be educated about issues of concern to true conservatives.  We don’t need to berate him on social media.  Please stand with us and encourage him not to support the House GOP leadership.  We need real reform, not tweaks.

2.  The libertarian Republicans are simply trying to steal the moniker “conservative” from those in which it truly belongs.  We true conservatives can work with the libertarian Republicans on many issues, such as certain fiscal issues..