Nix takes the Vice Chairman’s Race

Michelle Nix of Kinston, NC, handily won the Vice chairman’s race.  She defeated longtime NCGOP and Guilford County volunteer, Marcus Kindley and candidate John Lewis.

Nix picked up 645 raw votes.  Kindley drew 209, and Lewis gathered 163.  With the weighted vote total in, Nix has 62%.

Congratulations to Michelle Nix!   We look forward to working with you as our party grows..

Opening Session at the NC Republican State Convention



Chairman Claude Pope called the North Carolina Republican Party State Convention (NCGOP Convention), to order Friday afternoon.

Outgoing State Chairman, Claude Pope
Outgoing State Chairman, Claude Pope

Much of the early afternoon was procedural with committee reports given by their respective chairmen.

One moment of special note was a special tribute to outgoing Chairman Pope.  National Committeewoman Dr. Ada Fisher, presented a specially made cuff link holder.  Made in South America, Dr. Fisher engraved it with thanks.

After the last committee report, Pope banged the gavel for the last time and stepped away from the podium.   Appearing to have a feeling of relief on his face, he handed the gavel to longtime Convention Chairman, Billy Miller (Mecklenburg).

Billy Miller, NCGOP Convention Chairman
Billy Miller, NCGOP Convention Chairman

Miller is always a fantastic hit at NC GOP conventions, as he deftly welds humor with his expert knowledge of parliamentary procedure.

Late this afternoon, Ambassador John Bolton will speak and we will have the coverage here, on the North Carolina Beagle – Conservative Watchdog.

NOTE: The convention agenda is here.

Ambassador John Bolton
Ambassador John Bolton

NCGOP State Convention, 2nd Afternoon Session

NC GOP State Convention 2015
NC GOP State Convention 2015

Updated: After a break to gather the reconcile the credentials committee report with the delegates actually in attendance,
Convention Chairman Billy Miller (Mecklenburg) reconvened the group with a message from U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (NC-R).

The pre-recorded message provided a hilarious salute to former 6th District Rep.Howard Coble. Hopefully, the NCGOP will post this on its website, as it would be impossible to adequately describe what the delegates and guests saw.

Former Congressman Howard Coble
Former Congressman Howard Coble

Next, the chairman of the credentials committee presented delegate report from each county. Over 2000 delegates registered to attend the weekend and 800 delegates registered to take part on Friday afternoon. Friday is generally the lesser attended day.

While people milled about inside and outside the convention hall, the candidates for party chairman and vice chairman pressed the flesh, trying to gather votes for the Saturday elections.

More to come..

NC GOP Chairman Stepping Down

NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope Photo: Katy Benningfield
NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope Photo: Katy Benningfield

Claude Pope, chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party since 2013, has decided not to run again for that office.  His term will end in June of this year.

As party chairman, Pope oversaw a GOP sweep in 2014. The North Carolina House and Senate remained in Republican hands and he played a large role in helping retire former U.S. Senator Kay Hagan.

Pope has been an inspiration to me. When I first met him, he was a young man raising a family. He left party service to “be there” for his family, as well as his growing business.

I got to know Pope best as Wake County GOP Chairman. Despite some factional internal politics, he made certain that every board member got a chance to have their say.

Later, I told him that I needed to play a lesser role in county and state politics after the birth of my son. He strongly encouraged me to do just that, despite the pull I felt and the saddness I felt towards a long break from party activities.

It was the best decision I ever made and I appreciate his experience and  guidance.

In an e-mail to party activists and the media, he explained that he wants to return to his home on Bald Head Island, play more golf, and continue running his small business there.

Todd Poole, executive director for the NCGOP said:

“I want to thank Chairman Pope for his outstanding service to the North Carolina Republican Party. Under his leadership, the Republican Party has secured key victories, including electing Thom Tillis to the U.S. Senate, sending an additional member to the U.S. House of Representatives and maintaining our super majorities in both the N.C. House and Senate. He will also be leaving the Republican Party in a strong financial position to have another successful election cycle in 2016.”

According to the Raleigh News and Observer, within hours of the Pope announcement, a candidate had announced his intentions to run for State Party Chairman.

Craig Collins currently serves as the party’s 10th Congressional District chairman. His announcement cites endorsements from a host of GOP leaders: Gov. Pat McCrory, House Speaker Tim Moore, Senate leader Phil Berger and Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis.”

More on other candidates as the race for chairman shakes out.


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