Moral Monday Union Backs Roy Cooper, Others

images-2It’s true, the so-called “Moral Monday” backers, the AFL-CIO, have issued endorsements.  Shamefully, they have endorsed Roy Cooper for Governor.

Cooper has never stood up for North Carolina values, instead preferring to bury his head in the sand over issues like Obamacare. Cooper is the probable Democrat nominee to run against Governor Pat McCrory.

According to the Civitas Institute, The Moral Monday agenda would cost taxpayers $10 billion, forcing a tax increase of $4,000 on every family of four.

“Estimates now reach an eye-popping $10 billion to pay for the “people’s agenda.” That would mark a whopping 50 percent increase in the state budget. To fund the “Moral Monday” demands would cost every man, woman in child in North Carolina roughly an additional $1,000. That amounts to adding another $4,000 in taxes to the tax bill of each family of four.” (“Moral Monday Price Tag Grows – Now at $10 Billion,” Civitas Institute, 6/10/2014)

Ricky Diaz, Pat McCrory for Governor spokesman, said, “Roy Cooper’s backing by the unions is no surprise, given they have bankrolled protests and relentless attacks against Governor McCrory to obstruct his efforts to rebuild North Carolina since day one.

But now that they have formally endorsed him, Roy Cooper completely owns their radical, pro-union Moral Monday agenda, which seeks to end the state’s right-to-work laws, increase the size of the state budget by 50% and increase taxes on each family in North Carolina by $4,000.”

The AFL-CIO has also endorsed Deborah Ross for US Senate, and Charles Meeker for Labor Commissioner..

Dale Folwell on Unemployment Taxes

Dale Folwell
Dale Folwell

Former Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Dale Folwell, went on the record about his views on Unemployment Taxes.  Folwell was interviewed on December 15th by popular Lt. Governor Dan Forest (R-NC).   He’s a candidate for North Carolina Treasurer.

Read more about Folwell in the Raleigh News and Observer and watch the video below.  He is a former Speaker Pro Tempore in the North Carolina House of Representatives and served four terms.  The Republican is married and resides in Winston-Salem.  (More to come on this important race.)


How Conservatives Saved Christmas

Yes, Virginia, conservatives have saved Christmas….or your Christmas taxes, that is.

According to the Carolina Partnership for Reform:

Based on a study from N. C. Policy Watch, Ned Barnett’s News and Observer says Republican tax reforms have increased taxes for lower-income families.

But they conveniently ignore the nearly 20% cut in the state sales tax rate conservative reformers passed in 2011 which heavily benefits lower and middle-income families. Looking at the bigger picture, all income brackets are saving money.

Everyone saves money, even the poor.  How about that Ned?