Coming soon – BeagleCasts

beaglecast-logoWatch out for a new feature on the North Carolina Beagle Conservative Watchdog.

We are currently setting up BeagleCasts to discuss subjects of interest to our readers. That’s right, BeagleCasts, a specialty type of podcast that may even include our current mascot, Buffy Beagle.

They won’t be produced on a regular schedule, at least at first.  They will come out when the mood strikes and we feel strongly about an issue, a candidate, or politics in general.

We hope to have guests on to tell us their stories.

We run a couple of online radio stations, and most people that know me from politics, assume that they are about politics.  They are not and it’s expensive to start a new one, so we figured a podcast (i.e. BeagleCast) would be the way to go.

We especially appreciate the encouragement of Joe McLaughlin.