Cong. McHenry’s SOTU Thoughts

banner-2015Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC, 10th), shared his opinion of President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union speech:

“This week, for the final time, President Obama delivered his State of the Union address to Congress. Tuesday night’s address covered little new ground for President Obama. Instead of laying out a clear plan to destroy ISIS or confront the bellicose regimes in Iran and North Korea, President Obama used his address as a victory lap.

“This was odd considering there is little to celebrate after seven years of President Obama’s failed leadership. Obamacare has driven up healthcare costs for my constituents. His Iran nuclear deal has empowered a rogue regime that is more committed to destabilizing the Middle East than becoming a member of the international community.”

President Obama’s speech was exactly what we’ve come to expect from him: grand rhetoric accompanied by little substance.

“Fortunately, it was the last time we had to hear it.”.