CPAC Memories

CPAC is coming!
CPAC is coming!

As a blogger and earlier as an attendee, I’ve been to many editions of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).    These are videos that I’ve taken in recent years to give you a nice reminder of how much fun the conference is.

I hope to attend, but don’t have my ducks in a row just yet.  (I’ve been too busy getting my new business off the ground and it just hit me today.)

Join me in jumping in the wayback machine and remember the days with these videos:

2010 Phyllis Schafly Discuss how conservatives defeated the moderate “RINOs” and her suggestions for the future of the conservative movement

In 2011, someone appeared dressed as Sarah Palin, and doing a pretty darn good job of it.  Her fans were not happy but at first, people followed her around like she was the real thing:



Also in 2011, I caught up with Herman Cain at a CPAC Party and asked him about his position on jobs. This originally appeared on my former blog, Katy’s Conservative Corner.



In 2012, Rick Perry visited the Blogger Room yet said he had too much going on in Texas to run for the Presidency:



The late Andrew Breitbart discussed his participation in “Occupy Unmasked” with Citizens United and gave kudos to the right-wing media:



Here’s the entire Breitbart Presentation shot by another blogger with a tripod:



Wow, I need to get back to CPAC and I hope you attend, too!.