NCGOP State Convention, 2nd Afternoon Session

NC GOP State Convention 2015
NC GOP State Convention 2015

Updated: After a break to gather the reconcile the credentials committee report with the delegates actually in attendance,
Convention Chairman Billy Miller (Mecklenburg) reconvened the group with a message from U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (NC-R).

The pre-recorded message provided a hilarious salute to former 6th District Rep.Howard Coble. Hopefully, the NCGOP will post this on its website, as it would be impossible to adequately describe what the delegates and guests saw.

Former Congressman Howard Coble
Former Congressman Howard Coble

Next, the chairman of the credentials committee presented delegate reportĀ from each county. Over 2000 delegates registered to attend the weekend and 800 delegates registered to take part on Friday afternoon. Friday is generally the lesser attended day.

While people milled about inside and outside the convention hall, the candidates for party chairman and vice chairman pressed the flesh, trying to gather votes for the Saturday elections.

More to come..

3 Replies to “NCGOP State Convention, 2nd Afternoon Session”

  1. That’s it? There was no debate over Platform, Plan of Organization, anything like that’s?

  2. Yes Adam, there was plenty of debate over both. However it became so tedious that the vast majority of the delegates became tired of it. Even Chairman Billy Miller admitted the whole thing exhausted him when I caught him in the elevator. Finally it resulted in a quorium call and the convention adjourned for the day.

    Out of the 800 delegates registered for Friday, only about 300 were left in the room by 5:00 p.m.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more detailed with each and every detail but if you’d like to provide your account, I’d love to have it. Send it to me and I’ll post it.

    Thanks for your input. I’d love to share your point of view.

  3. thanks for the updates Katy. Are the Libertarians still trying to infiltrate the party?

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