Obama’s Plan for America: Repeal and Replace

Bye Bye Private Sector!
Bye Bye Private Sector!

With Tuesday’s State of the Union speech looming and with threats of higher taxes, small government writer Seton Motley stated that he

“believe(s)in the Yellow Pages Rule: If you can find it in the Yellow Pages, the government shouldn’t be doing it.”

 Motley wrote in The Daily Caller, Tuesday that

“just before the 2008 election, soon-to-be-President Barack Obama proudly proclaimed, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  His transformational aim?  To by any means necessary repeal the private sector – and replace it with government. “

“ObamaCare is an excellent example.  The law’s architect is accidental-video-star Jonathan Gruber – who acknowledges the heads-government-wins-tails-we-lose nature of the law.  In 2012 Gruber said if ObamaCare was not successful at controlling costs “we’ll have to revisit single-payer” – i.e. government-only health care.  And in 2014 he said “if you like single-payer then ObamaCare has to succeed.”  No matter what, we all get government.

Please read the rest of Motley’s piece at the Daily Caller, here.  It’s too good of a preview to miss.  He goes on to compare Obama to Hugo Chavez.

Also in the speech tonight, The President will discuss the so-called “Net Neutrality” proposal.  The NC Beagle will have more on this in a later post today.  Look for it.


Seton Motley is a consultant and the founder and president of Less Government, an organization dedicated to, well, less government. He is editor-in-chief of StopNetRegulation.org, a Center for Individual Freedom project. He’s a friend of this blog and an expert in his field.


NC Values Coalition Applauds Reps’ Support Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Tami Fitzerald, Executive Director, NC Values Coalition
Tami Fitzerald, Executive Director, NC Values Coalition

On Friday, the North Carolina Values Coalition said they appreciate the support the entire Republican Congressional Delegation the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36)

Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the organization said the resolution has support from all ten Republican Members of North Carolina’s Congressional Delegation.

Fitzgerald added that

“H.R. 36 is compassionate legislation that will protect children and their mothers by stopping abortion after 20 weeks, when children in the womb are able to feel pain.”

The NC Values Coalition applauds Reps. Renee Ellmers, Walter Jones, Jr, David Rouzer, Virginia Foxx, Mark Walker, Richard Hudson, Robert Pittenger, Patrick McHenry, Mark Meadows, and George Holding for signing on as co-sponsors of this life-saving legislation.
Fitzgerald, released the following statement:
“For too long the United States has allowed unborn babies to be aborted more than halfway through pregnancy when science shows they are able to feel pain. H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, is compassionate legislation that will protect children and their mothers by stopping abortion after 20 weeks, when children in the womb are able to feel pain. 
“We applaud the 10 Republican Members of North Carolina’s Congressional District who have signed on as co-sponsors of H.R. 36. We are especially grateful to Congresswoman Renee Ellmers and Congresswoman Virginia Foxx who continue to be strong and unwavering female voices in support of women and their unborn children.” 


NC Americans for Prosperity Announces Legislative Agenda

AFP-NC is promoting their 2015 Legislative Agenda
AFP-NC is promoting their 2015 Legislative Agenda

Thursday, the day after the opening of the North Carolina General Assembly, the North Carolina Chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFPNC) announced their priorities for the session.

They are:

  • Passage of a repeal of North Carolina’s Renewable Portfolio Standard;
  • Passage of legislation seeking to push back and limit the EPA’s overreach of power into North Carolina’s electrical grid;
  • Patient-centered health care reform through reform of the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) laws and Right to Try legislation;
  • Defeat of any legislation seeking to expand Medicaid;
  • Medicaid reforms that will prevent the risk of cost overruns by state government;
  • Continuing the path of comprehensive tax reform by reducing the tax burden on North Carolinians and eliminating corporate welfare;
  • Repeal or reform of the state’s capital gains tax;
  • Passage of legislative spending limits that could include a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR);
  • Increasing educational freedom for North Carolina families by expanding the Opportunity Scholarship Program and removing barriers to entry for charter schools;
  • Eliminating barriers to entry for small businesses by reforming North Carolina’s occupational licensure laws; and
  • In general, greatly reducing the regulatory burden on businesses and citizens.

This legislative agenda is being promoted in conjunction with the national AFP’s Reform America 2015.

State director Donald Bryson stated that AFPNC works year round to advocate for good policy, not just during election cycles.

AFPNC uses six region field directors in North Carolina to drum up support for its legislative agenda and then has citizens make their views known to their members.  This grassroots effort is something AFP has been successful with since its founding.  AFPNC has also done well with its national agenda, following the lead of the American’s for Prosperity.


The group has been so successful that it drew the attention of President Obama.

In a speech at a Democratic finance event in 2009, President Obama insulted the members of AFP thusly:

Right now all around this country there are groups with harmless-sounding names like Americans for Prosperity, who are running millions of dollars of ads against Democratic candidates all across the country.  And they don’t have to say who exactly the Americans for Prosperity are.  You don’t know if it’s a foreign-controlled corporation.  You don’t know if it’s a big oil company, or a big bank.  You don’t know if it’s a insurance company that wants to see some of the provisions in health reform repealed because it’s good for their bottom line, even if it’s not good for the American people.

Later in the speech, the Obama added:

They don’t want you to know who the Americans for Prosperity are, because they’re thinking about the next election.  But we’ve got to think about future generations.  We’ve got to make sure that we’re fighting for reform.  We’ve got to make sure that we don’t have a corporate takeover of our democracy.

At every national event, the group runs this video to great cheers.

AFP, with its sound fiscal policy ideals, is working for the future.  Just not in the way Obama imagines it.

If you get a call from AFPNC to volunteer or to contact your legislator, please do!  It’s our future to lose.


More Bad News for Roy Cooper says NCGOP

Attorney General Roy Cooper has long planned to run for Governor in NC
Attorney General Roy Cooper has long planned to run for Governor in NC

The  North Carolina Republican Party said Thursday,  they have uncovered more bad news for conservatives regarding Roy Cooper.  

Chairman Claude Pope, Jr wrote:

“Last week, our part-time Attorney General Roy Cooper sent out another fundraising pitch and questionnaire, this time asking people to ‘pick 3-4 issues that are most important to you’ as the General Assembly reconvenes. What’s really telling are the issues he doesn’t mention – like veterans, law enforcement, transportation infrastructure, taxes and spending, and the number one issue facing North Carolina – jobs and the economy.”

The Beagle visited the probable Democratic nominee’s site and found the following choices:

Not one of them mentioned the economy without regarding spending more taxpayer money.

  • “Transparency in campaign finance law” is code speak for government regulations and government financing of elections.  The Beagle believes we need to stay as far away from that as possible.
  • “Protecting and improving access to healthcare” is code speak for Cooper’s support of Obama Care.
  • Social conservatives will not like “protecting women’s health care choices.”  That’s his way of saying “Do you support abortion rights?”

Liberals just don’t understand that most conservatives are middle-class Americans, because they work hard for what they have.  “Millionaires” as they call anyone who earns over $250k, own companies that provide jobs to Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and unaffiliated voters.

Chairman Pope added:

“The Attorney General Should be embarrassed over this liberal-based questionnaire.”  He added that Cooper is getting his talking points from President Obama, Harry Reid and other liberals in Washington.

What do you think?  Weigh in and share your opinions..

Keystone Pipeline: Probably Not Veto Proof

Keystone Pipeline: Not enough votes to prevent an override to an Obama veto.
Keystone Pipeline: Not enough votes to prevent an override to an Obama veto.

The Hill reported Thursday afternoon that the Keystone Pipeline legislation is probably not going to be veto proof.  They state that the  U.S. Senate is expected to fall short of the 67 votes needed to override President Obama’s veto.

As of Thursday, 63 Senators are expected to vote in favor of the pipeline.  That’s every GOP Senator plus nine Democrats.

Read the full story here.

Update:  A CNN poll has shown that a majority of Americans support the Keystone Pipeline..

State Legislature Convenes

House Speaker Tim Moore
House Speaker Tim Moore

Another session of the North Carolina General Assembly has convened with lots of promises of bi-partisanship and working across the aisle together.  Democrats told local television stations that they were “cautiously optimistic” that they would be able to work with new House Speaker, Tim Moore (R-Cleveland).

Moore was elected Speaker after former speaker, Thom Tillis, was elected to the United States Senate.

In total, 20 new members took their seats in the House chamber.

During this  organizational session, nothing new much happened other than a lot of speeches and getting-to-know you handshakes.  Members decided upon rules and chairmen received their appointments.

Sen. Phil Berger (R-Rockingham), Pres Pro Tempore

Lt. Governor Dan Forest (R) opened the Senate  Wednesday.   Senate President Pro Tempore, Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) was re-elected to the post and sent out a press release stating that his picks for committee chairmanships would be posted online “later”.  However, by 6:00 p.m, the page was blank.  With many committees and sub-committees,  it takes time to get them all posted.

Update: The Charlotte Observer has the committee assignments.

Meanwhile, Rep. David Lewis (R-Harnett) has announced on his blog, that he has been named chairman of the House Rules committee.

Watch for continued coverage of the North Carolina General Assembly here, at The North Carolina Beagle.


Breaking: U.S. House Votes to Undo Obama Immigration Policies

Breaking News
Breaking News

According to the Raleigh News and Observer and other sources, the House of Representatives just voted to overturn President Barack Obama‘s immigration actions and remove protections for immigrants brought illegally to the country as children.

Read the entire story here:


More info here from The Hill 

More on the story upcoming..

Group Front for Cooper, Treat Governor Unfairly say NC Republicans – Updated

North Carolina Republican Party
North Carolina Republican Party

According to the North Carolina Republican Party:

Progress NC is a mere front for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper.  Cooper is expected to run against Governor Pat McCrory next year.

Read on:

Following news that liberal hatchet man Gerrick Brenner and his extreme front group Progress NC Action will file a political complaint against Governor McCrory, North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Claude E. Pope Jr. released the following statement:

“This snide group is nothing but a front for the left wing extremists in North Carolina, like Roy Cooper, to launch unfounded and baseless attacks against Republicans. It’s sad that these extremists spend more time focused on media manufactured political problems instead of working with Governor McCrory to continue his successful record of improving North Carolina’s economy and decreases in unemployment.”

Claude Pope, Jr is Chairman of the NC Republican Party
Claude Pope, Jr is Chairman of the NC Republican Party

Shady tactics?  Sounds like a nasty way to draw fire away from a very damaged North Carolina Democratic Party.

See the Governor’s statement regarding the ethics claim

NC Democratic Party Scandals

UPDATE: Governor McCrory’s office has weighed in thusly:

“Do you ever notice how fringe groups like Progress NC get favorable treatment from the Main Stream Media – free of charge? Groups from the far left like Progress NC – led by a former television reporter – can make bogus complaints and the media will carry it no matter what. This has gone on for years. No more!”


Rouser Hires District Director, Deputy

Rep. David Rouser (R-7th)
Rep. David Rouser (R-7th)

As newly a newly minted Member of Congress, Rep. David Rouser (R-7th) is quickly getting his team together. Yesterday he announced his latest hires:

Dwight Williams will serve as the Congressman’s District Director. Mr. Williams spent the past 27 years working with the North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company and the American Farm Bureau Insurance Services, Inc. He has also served as chairman of the Sampson County Republican Party as well as chairman of the Sampson County Board of Elections.

Dwight graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. Degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

“Dwight’s depth of knowledge of the district and his work experience will enable him to serve the citizens of this district very well. I am delighted to have Dwight heading up our district team,” said Congressman Rouzer.

Additionally, Chance Lambeth will serve as Deputy District Director and will be focused on coastal issues. Previously, Chance worked on Congressman Rouzer’s congressional campaign as his political director. In that role, he focused on voter turnout and coastal issues. He also served as political director for Edwin Peacock’s mayoral campaign in Charlottte, NC in 2013. In 2012, Chance was a Regional Field Director for the Republican National Committee where he led one of the state’s most effective grassroots and voter turnout operations.

“I am excited that Chance will continue to play a vital role in our office focusing on coastal issues. He’s developed strong relationships throughout the district and has a strong understanding of the unique needs of our coastal communities,” Congressman Rouzer said.

Rouser was elected to Congress in November.  He took office last week..


Ambassador John Bolton
Ambassador John Bolton

The 2015 edition of CPAC is upon us and speakers are beginning to be announced. As a veteran of more than 20 CPAC conferences, this is the big year as every single Republican and conservative candidate will be there. If they aren’t asked to speak, they will make their rounds of the parties and make certain to shake many hands.

We at the North Carolina Beagle Watchdog, will be bringing you the action from the main ballroom, as well as from strategic breakout sessions. If you cannot make it, we will be certain to have updates for you here.

This blog is an update of Katy’s Conservative Corner, the first conservative blog in North Carolina, and it appeared on two other platforms before setting down on WordPress. This time, it’s being co-written by other bloggers.

Speakers Currently Announced:

John R. Bolton – Attorney, diplomat, Fox News contributor and former Ambassador to the UN. Currently with American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

Mark Levin – Radio Talk Show Host

Carly Fiorina – Former CEO of HP and who is rumored to be floating the idea of a presidential run in 2016.

Rand Paul – United States Senator (KY-R) and a favorite of those in the libertarian wing of the Republican Party and is said to be running for President.

Dr. Ben Carson retired Pediatric Neurosurgeon and rumored candidate for President.  Popular among social conservatives.

Ted Cruise United States Senator (TX-R) and popular amongst traditional conservatives (social and fiscal).

Laura Ingraham – Talk show host and frequent Fox News contributor

SC Senator Tim Scott
SC Senator Tim Scott

Tim Scott – United States Senator (SC-R) from our neighboring state to the south, lots of fun to be around, firebrand traditional conservative, and a favorite of mine.  Should run for president but probably doesn’t have the name ID.  Scott spoke to the NCGOP convention a few years back, in Wilmington, while a Member of the U.S. House.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-R) Popular speaker from my home state of Tennessee.  She is  especially well-liked among women’s organizations.

Rick Santorum – United Stated Senator (PA-R) and founder of Patriot Voices. Grassroots oriented.

Click on the name of the speaker for detailed information about him or her.  Watchdog’s opinions are presented here.  More information speakers can be found here.

Looking forward to this event-of-the-year.   Hope to see you there, but if not, we will bring it all to you.

CPAC will be held February 25-28, 2015.  Registration is open until February 11, and after that, you may pay at the door.  For full details and to register, click here.